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Date: 23 juillet 2019 =C3=A0 03:04:28 UTC+2
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Customer support (Pravo.ru) =

23 juil. 04=
:04 MSK

Hello, Lester.

Unfortunately, seems it=
is impossible to get such a data using the methods of public API.

t if standard API methods are in use you may follow the 2 steps algorithm be=
1) Get the ID of the case root folder – DocumentFolderId=

GET api/projects/GetProject?ProjectId=3D{guid}

bsp;Get the content of this folder with help of the query below. Please clar=
ify this parameter in that way FolderId =3D DocumentFolderId
ST api/VirtualCatalog/GetContent

FolderId =3D {guid}

As a result using this method you can see the content of the f=
older. But it will be defined by the current user permissions.  In orde=
r to navigate the SysName parameter  (for the « Folder », « Document » , et=
c.) could be used.

Best regards
Case.one Customer Support



22 juil. 18:31 MSK=

Hello, my name is Lester Hern=C3=A1=
I am developer that works for ANEOSYS, a partner of=
Case One in France.

I am facing a problem using the API, we need to k=
now the document folders that are related with a case.

We had success=
fully used the API operations to retrieve information from a single Particip=
ant, Case and Folder, but at the Case level we need to know which Document Fo=
lders are related with it, to retrieve them by ID.

Until we have rev=
iewed the Case API the operation https://caseoneapplication/api/v1/cases/ID=
does not return the information of the document folders related to the case=
. Also I did not find a newer version for this operation in the latest versi=
ons of the API. 

So we are asking if exist an operation to retr=
ieve the document folders of an specific case, or an operation to retrieve a=
list of document folders so we can iterate over it and find which are relat=
ed with our case.

I like to thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards
Lester Hern=C3=A1=

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